Breakfast for the preggy

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This I had for breakfast some days ago. I was craving for Macapuno spread last week, gladly I found one in the grocery. Instead of my usual favorite Peanut Butter, I got a bottle of candied Macapuno strips from Kablon Farms. It’s not the usual spread one wants in their sliced bread but for me, it’s yummy and I am glad I did try picking one bottle at the grocery store. The yogurt, I’ve been a huge fan of Nestle Yogurt Fruit Selection long before I got pregnant. Continue reading »

Julie’s sweet and creamy peanut butter

Peanut butter is my favorite spread for snacks since my childhood. But there came a time when I stopped eating because I can’t find the creaminess in most peanut butters in the market. At times, I get those that are homemade but it’s not too creamy for me so I don’t reorder from them again.

Last month, I tried Julie’s Bakeshop’s Peanut Butter and it sure is creamy just the way I like it. It was really delicious that I almost finish half of the loaf bread. I really can’t stop eating if the spread is peanut butter.

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I kept on spreading Peanut Butter to one slice bread after another while I was doing a research about¬† web 2 print¬†that time. I was too engrossed with what I am doing online that I hardly notice I almost finish half of the loaf bread that is supposed to be mine and hubby’s merienda for two days. Sorry, the peanut butter was just too good for me. icon smile Julies sweet and creamy peanut butter Next time I’ll the bigger bottle of peanut butter too.

Beat the summer heat with Halo-Halo

I lost count how many times I have posted a photo of Halo-Halo in my Instagram account since the start of summer. I am not a fan of this and I can’t even finish a serving of this before but with the unbearable summer heat, I could have 2 halo-halo in a day! I could even have Halo-Halo at midnight!LOL.

Anyway, yesterday we had merienda cena at a nearby diner. It’s newly opened so we tried their specialty – Batchoy. It’s hot, I know, but my hungry tummy wanted a hot soup so no choice, had to try Tab’s Batchoy. After a bowl of Pork Batchoy, I and hubby decided to give their Halo-Halo a try. For twenty pesos, here’s what we had:

8713759916 c648b8e605 Beat the summer heat with Halo Halo Continue reading »