Secrets That Designers Use For The Perfect New Kitchen Layout

When you try to design your dream kitchen, does it ever turn out as well as those kitchens you’ve seen in professional magazines? Why does it seem as if designers tend to know something you don’t, and why can’t you ever seem to come up with ideas that are as creative or even as practical as their ideas? If you don’t have any training in the design industry, you might not be aware that there are certain secrets that you can use to get the most of your efforts.

The Layout Needs To Be Practical

The first thing that any expert kitchen designer, such as Makings of Fine Kitchens, will tell you about a great kitchen is that it is laid out in the most practical way possible. You will notice that professional chefs tend to have their kitchens either professionally designed, or they choose to do the job themselves. This is so that they have easy access to everything they need, when they need it, according to Home Life.

A good designer should always have your own best interests at heart, which is why they should start out by asking you what you feel is important in a kitchen. You might notice, as you go through design magazines, that some kitchens boast a large table, while others offer a larger-than-normal larder, and this is because people tend to have different needs. Continue reading »

Baking projects

A lot of projects in my mind. As the day we welcome Baby Cutesy into the world is fast approaching, I am also cramming with a lot of things. A lot of craft and sewing projects that I wanted to do not to mention those baking projects too! Hubby has been telling me he craves for my Oatmeal cookies and Macaroons. Then I wanted to try baking cupcakes so we won’t be buying cakes for the little one’s monthly natal celebration until she turns one. It will definitely save us money from buying cakes or cupcakes and it will help me master that baking skill. As much as I wanted to start baking cupcakes, I don’t have a mixer yet. But just by checking on the baking procedure, I guess a whisk is good enough. So no need to buy a mixer (my dream mixer is a KitchenAid stand mixer) nor just the hand mixer which still costs more than a thousand. Continue reading »

Investing in kitchen stuff

If hands-on wives or mommies put getting kitchen stuff in their priority list, I am sure others who are so in love with music and knows how to play guitar or Mandolins’ priority is getting one of the best. I could relate to that “getting the best” because I don’t usually settle for low quality stuff especially in the kitchen. I believe it’s an investment so I buy the best that I can afford for dinnerware, cookware, bakeware, and others. It’s quality that I always look into so instead of getting cheap plates that we don’t know if it is made of materials that has some health effect in the long run, I consider paying extra to get high quality items that is made of safe materials. Besides, those items last long so it’s actually cheaper if we compare it with cheap items that needs to be replaced in a year or less. Most of the time, getting expensive yet with high quality stuff in the kitchen is not being “classy” or “social” (as we call it) but it’s being wise.