Food Trip Friday: Beef Ampalaya

Beef Ampalaya

beefwithampalaya copy Food Trip Friday: Beef Ampalaya

We’re not used to buy beef but I tried getting half kilo of lean meat the other day when I went to the market (now I learned to buy meat in the market for it is way cheaper and fresher than the supermarkets at the malls). I was planning to cook beef steak but ended up with Beef Ampalaya. This was our dinner last night and I must say it’s good enough for a first timer. It’s my first time to cook it and never looked for a recipe online. I just imagined how it was cooked. So far, so good according to my fans. icon smile Food Trip Friday: Beef Ampalaya

For the curious ones out there who wanted to try this recipe, it is fairly easy.

Here’s how:

Saute beef in garlic and onion. Simmer until tender. Put Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd) when the meat is tender. Season with salt and your fave seasoning. Cook for another 2 minutes or until Ampalaya is done (do not overcook it).


5 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday: Beef Ampalaya

  1. another way of cooking Ampalaya,kasi ang alam ko lang lagi eh ginisang ampalaya with egg. :)
    Thanks for posting it sis.

  2. oo nga sis. fave ko kasi ampalaya. you must try this one for a change. madali lang masyado i-prepare. masarap at healthy pa! :-)

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