Beef Ampalaya recipe

Beef Ampalaya

4774515661 96f2ae95ed Beef Ampalaya recipeBeef Ampalaya, originally uploaded by kerslyn.

Beef Ampalaya is one of the dishes that I cooked using my imagination and not following a recipe. I must say this is one of the easiest recipes and you will surely love cooking once you try it.


minced garlic
chopped onions
ground pepper
cooking oil
seasoning (you can use any that you want but in my case I am loyal to Magic Sarap)

How to cook:

1) Saute garlic and onion

2) Put beef in a pan constantly mixing until the water from the beef has evaporated

3) pour enough water to cook Beef until tender. You may a little salt at this time for the beef to absorb it.

4) Add ampalaya and cook for another 3 minutes or until Ampalaya is done depending on your preference

5) Season with salt, freshly ground pepper and Magic Sarap

Now you are ready to serve your Beef Ampalaya. So easy, right?

If you noticed, the ingredients has no exact quantity. That’s because I don’t cook by the book. I just do an estimate depending on my preference.


4 thoughts on “Beef Ampalaya recipe

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  2. Hi Jamie,

    That’s great to know! Let me know when you try cooking the dish for your family.


  3. i did cook it the next day. however, i marinated the beef overnight first with sesame oil, kikkoman soy sauce and oyster sauce. then used these as sauce too. and i sauteed garlic and onion in butter instead of just cooking oil. my family liked it very much.

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