Tips On How To Quit Smoking

A guide and some tips on how to stop smoking.

Smoking is undoubtedly not a healthy habit. The numerous health risks associated with smoking accounts for around 20 percent of deaths each year in the United States. Among the diseases related to smoking are lung cancer, emphysema, bronchitis, coronary heart disease, stomach cancer, cancer of the pharynx, and many other types of cancer and lung diseases.

Unfortunately, learning how to quit smoking is not very easy. Since smoking is a very addicting habit, it is always a challenge to quit and to go through nicotine withdrawal. Still, with all the health risks associated with smoking, quitting should be a must for every smoker. Below are some tips to help you quit smoking.

· Drink lots of water. Hydrating yourself by drinking lots of water is not only healthy it will also help ease the urge to smoke. Always make sure you have a bottle of water that you can reach for and take a sip from every time the urge to light up a stick comes.

· Avoid stress. Most smokers also use smoking as a way to handle stress. So make sure to avoid stressful situations when in the process of quitting. It will not be good to try to stop smoking right before a stressful period at work or at home. Instead, identify periods of time when you are most relaxed and take the opportunity to kick the habit.

· Avoid other smokers. Do not make it more difficult for yourself by hanging out with other smokers. Unfortunately, this could mean not spending time with your other smoker friends as much as before unless they agree not to smoke in your presence. This will help you stay away from cigarette smoke and steer clear of temptations.

· Exercise. Regular exercise will help reduce your cravings for a smoke, as well as pump your body with endorphins which will help alleviate the irritability that you may experience as withdrawal symptom.

· Use supplements. If you are looking for quick ways on how to quit smoking, there are various health supplements that will help you get rid of the nicotine addiction in as little as seven days. offers the supplement Kick Your Nic! which promises to help you quit smoking naturally.

· Eat fruits and vegetables. For those who are also interested in learning how to lower cholesterol, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables will also help a lot in quitting. Instead of smoking, snack on vegetables, fruits, and unsalted nuts.

· Get support. You do not have to overcome this challenge by yourself. Ask for help and support from your family and friends. Most of them will be more than willing to help in any way they can and letting them know of your decision to quit will help them become more understanding when you become irritable and irrational.


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