Carrot-Apple Juice from Thirsty

For the health conscious, Apple-Carrot juice is just an ordinary drink. I am trying to live and eat healthy so I tried this Apple-Carrot Juice from Thirsty? Juices and Shakes for the first time the other month. I and hubby has been loyal customers of Thirsty way back in 2001 but we only tried their fruit shakes.

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The apple-carrot juice doesn’t taste so good at first. I think the ration between carrots and apple should be 2:1. Two apples, 1 carrot. That way, the juice will be sweeter.

So when I had my Apple-Carrot juice for the second time, I requested to put more apple than carrots. It tasted much better than the first cup.


thirsty copy Thirsty?

I first had a taste of this fresh fruit shake way back in 2001 in SM Cebu City courtesy of our churchmate – Kuya Edwin. After that first taste of the green mango shake from Thirsty?, it became mine and Ace’ fave. We’ve even gone too far by thinking of getting a franchise should we have the money.

After few years of missing Thirsty? we were so glad to know that some franchises are opening here in Davao. As expected, no visit to the mall would be complete without having a cup of Thirsty?. Ace gets his fave Avocado shake while I like Green Mango better.